Export of gold and gems subject to certificate of origin as of this Friday

Exportação de ouro e gemas sujeita a certificado de origem a partir desta sexta-feira

All exports of precious metals (gold) and gems produced in Mozambique will now be conditioned to the issuance of a certificate of origin, effective next Friday.

In this sense, the launch of the Certificate of Origin and Packaging is scheduled for tomorrow, in a ceremony to be held in the city of Chimoio, Manica province.

Speaking to "Notícias", Castro Elias, executive secretary of the Kimberley Process Management Unit at the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, explained that the introduction of the certificate and packaging is in compliance with the regulations for the marketing of diamonds, precious metals and gems, approved through Decree 25/2015 of November 20.

The introduction of the certificate seeks to bring the transactions of this type of national products in line with international practices.

"The Certificate of Origin identifies the product as being from Mozambique, but it also gives the buyers the certainty that this product from Mozambique was extracted taking into account all environmental requirements, human rights, and is a product that does not come from smuggling, because it is the Government that is passing the document," Castro Elias sustained.

He mentioned that in the past some national companies had problems selling their mining products, especially precious metals and gems in international markets where there are such requirements, and they resorted to certificate holders from other neighboring countries to sell their products.

"It was so because other countries already have specific certificates of origin for this group of minerals that are precious metals and gems. That is why with the creation of the Kimberley Precious Metals and Gems Process Management Unit, which has the function of operationalizing Decree 25/2025 of November 20, it was necessary to introduce this instrument," the source explained.

He added that the release of Certificate of Origin and Packaging means that precious metals and gems, upon export, must, after evaluation by technical brigades comprising multi-sectoral experts, have the taxes determined and then seal the product.

The packaging will be specific for export and must have a computerized number, which must match that of the export authorization and the certificate of origin.

"The package is tamper-proof, which means that all you have to do is evaluate it and identification is sealed. The only way is to cut it open and remove the product it contains," he explained.

Castro Elias pointed out that the introduction of these mechanisms offers many advantages, mainly because all the people who are at the airports, ports, and borders will already know exactly that the gems or precious metals for export need to be packed in a certain type of packaging. Furthermore, the document that the person carries must be passed through MIREME's Kimberley Process Management Unit, and with all the numbers matching.

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