Europe finally decides to eliminate emissions. Farewell combustion engines

Europa decide finalmente eliminar emissões. Adeus motores de combustão

After several pressures from environmental groups, Transport & Environment included, the European Union has finally come forward with an end date for combustion engines.

It seems that they will not make it past 2035, because the proposal currently on the table is to ban, as of that date, the sale of new cars equipped with gasoline or diesel engines, even if they are vehicles that have some electrification component. So the gas-fired power plants will close a little earlier than planned.

In this sense, according to "Observador", it is supposed that rechargeable hybrids, from 2030 on, will no longer be considered low emission vehicles, which will necessarily mean the end of subsidies and benefits that PHEVs have been enjoying. If this is the case, this type of solution will no longer be of interest to manufacturers and consumers. 

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