US offers more than 300,000 vaccines to Mozambique

The US government will donate to Mozambique just over 300,000 Johnson & Johnson single-dose covid-19 vaccines, the US embassy in Maputo announced today in a statement.

"Since the vaccine confers immunity in a single dose, this shipment will provide immunity to 302,400 Mozambicans," the press release stressed.

The statement said that the vaccine is 86% effective against severe disease and is effective against the Delta variant, which is predominant in the middle of the third wave of the pandemic that Mozambique is going through.

"I am proud that we can share these vaccines with our Mozambican friends. Because it is a single dose, the vaccine will double the number of Mozambicans who benefit from immunization. I have no doubt that this will help save many lives," said the US Ambassador in Maputo, Dennis W. Hearne.   

The aid, he continued, is another example of the strength of the relationship between the U.S. and Mozambique and continues the U.S. commitment to support Mozambique in combating the new coronavirus.

"To date, the U.S. Government has provided assistance valued at more than $38 million," the statement said.

The assistance included 50 ventilators donated to the Ministry of Health in 2020, personal protective equipment for health professionals, laboratory equipment and oxygen, training and funding for the reinforcement of medical staff, among other initiatives," reads the text.

Mozambique records a total of 1,282 deaths due to covid-19 and 110,288 cases, of which 75% recovered.

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