CPLP businessmen demand measures against kidnappings in Mozambique

The board of the Business Confederation of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CE-CPLP) demanded on Tuesday that Mozambique urgently adopt measures against the kidnappings that have been occurring in the country, and exemplary sanctions against those responsible.

"Because security constitutes one of the fundamental bases in the construction and consolidation of our community, we are thus to demand of the competent authorities, in the case of Mozambique in particular, but also of the other CPLP countries, the urgent adoption of effective measures that prevent the repetition of similar situations, as well as lead to the rapid and satisfactory solution of these cases, punishing those responsible," reads a letter sent to the executive secretary of the CPLP.

Signed by all the EC-CPLP representatives in the Lusophone countries and by all the members of the CPLP executive commission, this note of 'Appeal to CPLP member countries against kidnapping waves in Mozambique' was also sent to the ambassador representing Mozambique at the CPLP.

The text states that the CPLP should "make clear its absolute and consensual repudiation of attacks of this type that jeopardize social progress" and that, in addition, damage the country's image.

"Security, being an absolutely fundamental asset of any nation, becomes even more indispensable in attracting the investment needed to create wealth and jobs, irreplaceable pillars of economic and social development," reads the note.

Last week, two people, a doctor and a restaurant businessman, were kidnapped in less than an hour in the Mozambican capital.

On Friday, the eldest son of the president of the Business Confederation of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CE-CPLP), Salimo Abdula, was kidnapped, although the latter case occurred in South Africa, according to local press reports.

Lusa Agency

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