Mozambican entrepreneur wins international award 'Young Business Leader of the Year 2023'.

Empresário moçambicano vence prémio internacional ‘Jovem Líder Empresarial do Ano 2023’

The Mozambican businessman CEO of Mitra Energy and President of the Mozambican Association of Petroleum Companies (AMEPETROL), Michel Ussene, won, on Friday (26), the 13th African Business Leadership Award (ABLA) 2023, in the Young Business Leader of the Year category.

The winning position was unexpected. I think that the UXENE Smart City Project, which is essentially youth-oriented, is already recognized on the continent as a beacon for 21st century Africa and this must have motivated the voters. My team and I are very grateful for this recognition. The path is forward? said the businessman to MZNews.

The award is given by the renowned and prestigious UK-based African Leadership Magazine (ALM), which this year considered 18 categories, ranging from Entrepreneurs, Ministers of Commerce, Companies, CEOs, Youth, Women Leaders, Brands, among others.

In the category of Michel Ussene, who won thanks to the UXENE smart city project, the runner-up award went to Ismeal Cisse, Founder/CEO of Sirius Capital, from Ivory Coast. The ALM Grammy Awards elected personalities whose impact of their activities is progressive for the continent.

The election process comprised an early selection that first involved an invitation from ABLA to personalities for their nomination, and then an online voting process. In addition to the final evaluation and review of the votes, the ALM Editorial Board approved the nomination of the nominees.

A total of 38 Leaders were elected at ABLA 2023, as there was more than one champion and runner-up in some categories. The recipients will receive their diplomas of honor during the 8th edition of the Africa Summit 2023, scheduled for July 10 and 11, 2023 at the UK House of Lords and the Dorchester Hotel London United Kingdom.

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