Concrete company on the Costa do Sol asks for embargo to be lifted

Empresa de Betão na Costa do Sol pede anulação do embargo da obra

The Chinese-owned company that set up a concrete cement factory in a residential area in the Costa do Sol district of Maputo has submitted a request to annul the decision to embargo the project to the Judicial Court of Maputo City.

On March 4, the 9th Section of the court provisionally embargoed the works, but the Chinese company claims to be suffering financial losses as a result of the decision.

According to STVThe appeal was accepted, but with suspensive effect. As a result, the Chinese company can continue with the work for the next 16 days.

The court has set aside this time for the residents of the area who are contesting the work and the owners of the work to present their final arguments. Each party has eight days to do so.

After the deadline, the judge in the case will make the final decision on whether or not to proceed with the work. Then, if there is an appeal, it will be sent to higher courts.

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