Contractor abandons work on Espungabera crossing point

Empreiteiro abandona obras no posto de travessia em Espungabera

A contractor, whose name has not been revealed, abandoned construction work on the Espungabera crossing, in the Mossurize district of Manica province, more than three months ago.

According to the NewsThe contractor started work in September, and in October he claimed a trip to Maputo to buy materials, and never returned. Since the trip, the work has not progressed.

The head of the crossing justified the stagnation of the project by the need to renew the contract.

It is known that the contractor has removed the roof, leaving the concrete ceiling exposed, which is leaking rainwater.

The Secretary of State, Fernando de Sousa, recently visited the infrastructure and promised new solutions to restore the dignity of the staff at the crossing, who are serving the population in makeshift locations.

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