Russian ambassador loses his life in Maputo

Alexander Surikov, Russia's ambassador to Mozambique, was found lifeless in his home late on Saturday night, in circumstances that are still unknown.

The information is confirmed by the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM), which says that it learned of the death of the 68-year-old diplomat after his body was taken to the morgue of Maputo Central Hospital, according to "O País".

"When they arrived at the morgue, the technical team of the picket found that the body had already been placed in drawer number five, on the advice of the Russian consul, Yuri Doroshenkov, who was present at the morgue, accompanied by the embassy's security officer," says a police statement.

According to the same note, the Russian Consulate advised against "any examination of the body, let alone an autopsy. However, the technical team took photographs of the deceased's body in the drawer", "photographs were taken of his home and the Consul's statement was taken".

Alexander Surikov had been Russia's ambassador to Mozambique since 2017.


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