Uneven distribution of aid in reception center worries the disadvantaged

Distribuição desigual de ajuda em centro de acolhimento preocupa os desfavorecidos

Displaced people from Cabo Delgado who have taken refuge in the district of Eráti, in Nampula province, complain about the unequal distribution of funds. kits help.

The Erati district receives new displaced people every day. Most are taken care of in three accommodation centers, namely Muanona, Nacucha and April 21, which already accommodate at least 33,000 people in total.

These centers operate in six schools and a teacher training center, putting at risk more than 13,000 students who have not attended classes for a week.

The government authorities are preparing a site for the construction of a transitional center.

The president of the National Institute for Disaster Reduction (INGD), Luiza Meque, says that the authorities are aware of the problems, especially those related to food shortages, but assures that the Executive and partners will continue to make efforts to supply them.

"We know that not everyone will have the support we're bringing at the same time," said Luísa Meque, who then assured that "only people who aren't from here will receive support, [i.e.] those who left everything in their homes to come here," she said, quoted by DW.

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