World Maritime Day: UN calls for attention to workers' health

Dia Marítimo Mundial: ONU pede atenção à saúde dos trabalhadores

This Thursday, September 30, the United Nations marks World Maritime Day. The UN highlights the "professionalism and sacrifice" of the 2 million people who serve in the world's merchant fleet.

Recalling that professionals were key during the Covid-19 pandemic, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said in a message on the date that, there are still sailors prevented from going to the coasts.

In commemorating the date, the United Nations reinforces that, in addition to the high volume of cargo transported, maritime transport is also an efficient and low-cost way to make international trade possible.

With the theme "Navigators: At the Center of the Future of Maritime Transport", the UN recalls that the sector is key to achieving Sustainable Development Goals related to education, working conditions, innovation, industry, and gender equality.

The date should allow discussions to delve into topics relevant to the role of workers in the industry in safety, environmental protection and well-being, as well as the future of navigators against a backdrop of increasing digitalization and automation.

The UN, through the International Maritime Organization, created the date to celebrate the sector's contribution to the world economy, especially in maritime transport.

The day of the event varies depending on the year and country. However, it is always celebrated in the last week of September.

Source: UN News

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