Cholera outbreak declared in Pemba after Quelimane city

Declarado surto de cólera em Pemba depois da cidade de Quelimane

A cholera outbreak has been declared in the city of Pemba, in Cabo Delgado. The announcement comes a day after the government declared the outbreak in the city of Quelimane, Zambezia province.

The announcement was made, this Friday, by the director of the Provincial Health Service in Cabo delgado, Anastácia Lidimba, in a press conference called for this purpose.

Fifty-three cases have been admitted to the provincial hospital in Pemba in the last seven days; cases of diarrhea with severe dehydration. Of these fifty-three, fourteen were subjected to tests, five of which were positive for cholera vibrio, and the fifth positive revealed yesterday, March 16. With this scenario, the necessary conditions are met to declare that in the city of Pemba, we are facing a cholera outbreak ? said Anastacia Lidimba quoted by Radio Mozambique.

Until this Friday, ten patients, six of them children, were in the isolation ward of the Provincial Hospital of Pemba.

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