CTA concerned about the slowness in authorizing the importation of medicines

CTA preocupado com a morosidade na autorização de importação de medicamentos

The business sector is concerned about the length of time it takes to issue early release authorization for the importation of medicines that require specialized packagingThis is a measure taken by the Government in the framework of the Covid-19 facilities.

The concern led the private health and insurance division of the Confederation of Mozambican Business Associations (CTA) to a recent meeting with the General Directorate of Customs.

CTA raised as a concern the imposition of the issuance of a Pharmaceutical Specialty Import Bulletin (BIEF) for each proforma invoice, the non-compliance with the mechanisms in the scope of the import of urgent goods, such as parts for broken machinery.

Reacting to the concerns of the private sector, the Directorate General of Customs (DGA) explained that, in the case of restricted goods, the authorization for urgent departures is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health (MISAU), and the DGA is responsible for the application of the issued norms, as is the case of the BIEF requirement.

In relation to the issuance of BIEF for each proforma invoice, the DGA recognized there was a misapplication of the law, since the regulation provides for the lack of unloading that can be applied to the case presented, being necessary for this case, a joint work with the customs brokers.

He finished by stressing that, for the Health sector in particular, there is always greater speed in the act of clearance of medicines, however, he said that in the whole process there must be the observance of procedures necessary for the process.

In this perspective, it was decided at the meeting that a technical team will be created, involving the government and the private sector, which will work on a proposal for the codification of goods according to the harmonized system, as a continuation of the work already started by the World Customs Organization (WCO) under Covid-19, on the list of goods subject to BIEF, as well as on the indication of focal points to improve coordination between the institutions.

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