COP28: Pope Francis calls for unity in defense of the climate

COP28: Papa Francisco pede união pela defesa do clima

In Dubai, the United Nations conference on climate change inaugurated the first Faith Pavilion. The aim is to unite religious representatives who support climate action to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

During the inauguration ceremony, through a video message, Pope Francis and Grand Imam Ahmed al Tayeb, Sheikh of Al Azhar, called for unity and action to stop climate change, end wars and guarantee world peace.

In his message, Pope Francis, quoted by Euro News, stressed that this event bears witness to "the will to work together" and that the world needs "alliances that are not against anyone, but for everyone". In this sense, he urged religions to set an example by "working together for the interests of our world".

This Sunday, the health consequences of climate change were in the spotlight at the UN conference. Activists and experts called for concrete measures to prevent 7 million deaths a year due to air pollution and the spread of diseases such as cholera and malaria.

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