Meet Adidas' paintless sneakers, they are eco-friendly

Conheça os ténis sem tinta da Adidas, são amigos do ambiente

Adidas has designed new models of sneakers that could be an ode to minimalism. However, the goal is different: to reduce the environmental impact of production by eliminating paint from the process. The "No-Dye" collection consists of three options for men and women that feature the original color of the materials used.

According to the Design Taxi website, quoted by the "marketeer" portal, Adidas decided to maintain the organic conditions of the materials in order to skip one of the most water-consuming production steps: the dyeing process in the pre-treatment of the footwear.

"It's another area where we're looking for ways to be more sustainable, in addition to our initiative to help end plastic waste," the brand said in a statement. Not only are the new models paint-free, but they are made from at least 50% recycled materials.

Adidas clarifies that a post-treatment phase is necessary, however, to guarantee the technical and performance qualities of the sneakers. However, the elimination of the pre-treatment alone already allows an average saving of 60%, both in terms of water and energy.

Designed for golf, the new models of the "No-Dye" collection intend to be an additional reason for golf athletes to choose their sneakers. Besides style and performance, environmental care will be another factor to consider.

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