Discover the best cities in the world to study in 2022

Conheça as melhores cidades do mundo para estudar em 2022

The new edition of the QS Best Student Cities has elected the best cities in the world for those who want to study abroad. London leads again - in the last QS ranking, in 2019, the UK capital had already been considered the best student city in the world, reveals the Uniarea website, quoted by the portal "Human Resources".

One of this year's highlights is Munich's rise to second place, ranking above Berlin as the best German city, behind only London. Germany's capital is fifth, but allows it to be the best represented country with two cities in the Top 5, once again positioning itself as an increasingly affordable and attractive study destination in Europe.

Major study destinations of the world, such as Canada and the United States, appear only at the bottom of the top ten - Boston and Montreal tied with Paris in ninth position. Asia managed two places among the world's best, with Seoul, South Korea, and Tokyo, Japan, tied for third. Australia also very well represented manages to place days cities in the top 10, where once again Melbourne beats the capital Sydney.

The consulting firm QS uses two initial criteria to decide which cities will be evaluated in the ranking:

The city has to be an urban center with a minimum population of 250,000;

At least two universities that appear in the QS World University Rankings®, a ranking of the world's best higher education institutions by this consulting firm, must be located in this city.

From this first selection, 164 cities qualified for the QS Best Student Cities 2022. The score of each of them depends on six main categories made up of a series of quality indicators thinking about students' lives:

The universities present in the city;

The diversity of the students, what do you consider, of the student population in the city, how many are foreigners, the level of inclusion and so on;

The attractiveness of the city, such as its economy, safety, welfare, corruption, among other criteria;

Employability, identifying employer initiatives in cities, including internship and job entry opportunities;

Cost of living, including tuition fees, food, housing, and other expenses;

Student opinion, from more than 95,000 responses from students around the world.

Check out the top 25 best cities in the world for international students:

  1. London, United Kingdom
    2. Munich, Germany
    3. Seoul, South Korea | Tokyo, Japan
    5. Berlin, Germany
    6. Melbourne, Australia
    7. Zurich, Switzerland
    8. Sydney, Australia
    9. Boston, United States | Montreal, Canada | Paris, France
    12. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    13. Toronto, Canada
    14. Vienna, Austria
    15. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    16. New York, United States
    17. Singapore, Singapore
    18. Vancouver, Canada
    19. Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe, Japan | Lausanne, Switzerland
    21. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    22. Buenos Aires, Argentina
    23. Stockholm, Sweden
    24. San Francisco, United States
    25. Beijing, China | Moscow, Russia
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