Clash with terrorists leads to interruption of military escort in Cabo Delgado

Confronto com terroristas leva à interrupção de escolta militar em Cabo Delgado

The pro-government "Naparamas" clashed with terrorists on Monday, leading to the interruption of the escort of civilian vehicles on the Macomia-Auasse stretch in Cabo Delgado province.

The clash reportedly took place in the town of Chai, an area that has suffered other attacks.

A source quoted by AIM said that many vehicles were forced to stop marching in Macomia, and not a single one left.

"They say the situation in Chai is not good, and the terrorists have tried to attack the local forces," said another source, noting that several people were unable to travel to Mocímboa da Praia.

The only vehicles allowed on the road are the Defense and Security Forces, who have gone to Chai to support the Naparamas, said another source.

"Other cars left Mueda for Chiúre because they say terrorists have also arrived there," he said.

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