Construction sector confidence continues to fall in Mozambique

Confiança do sector de construção continua a descer em Moçambique

Between April and June, business confidence in the construction sector continued to decline for the sixth consecutive quarter.  

Recent data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) explains that the unfavorable assessment of confidence was influenced by the drop in all components of the sector's summary indicator.

In this decline, the highlight goes to the order book, as well as the business volume perspective, which decreased substantially in the period under review. 

Going into the numbers, INE says that about 46% of companies had experienced some limitation in the normal performance of their business. This represented an increase of 8% of firms in difficulty compared with the previous quarter. 

According to INE, the main obstacles in the sector continued to be low demand (40%), lack of access to credit (12%), unfavorable weather conditions (11%) and other unspecified factors (24%). 

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