Vanduzi's company announces avocado export project to Europe

Companhia de Vanduzi anuncia projecto de exportação de abacate para Europa

The Vanduzi Company has made public that it has started a new avocado production and export project that will contribute to the company's growth.

The information was revealed on the sidelines of the Economic Briefing of the Confederation of Mozambican Economic Associations (CTA), which took place last week in Chimoio, Manica province.

According to Vanduzi's Company, quoted by the Evidências portal, the main market for the production of this project will be the European Union.

The company registered a growth of 26% in the first quarter of the current year. However, the fresh produce export sector has been affected by the increase in operating costs due to the increase in air freight which has been the option for exports, a fact that has left some companies to stop exporting their products to Europe, concentrating only on South Africa.

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