Informal commerce causes losses of 9.7 million meticais to the State

Comércio informal causa prejuízo de 9.7 milhões de meticais ao Estado

The proliferation of informal trade has been causing huge losses in tax collection for the state coffers. The data advanced by the Tax Authority of Mozambique (ATM) indicate that last year the country lost about 11.6 million Meticais and only in the first two months of this year, about 9.7 million Meticais did not enter the state coffers.

Against this background, ATM intends to promote the broadening of the tax base and the formalization of the informal sector through modern cooperativism.

"We have, at the level of the city of Maputo, many associations of importers, sellers, producers, and what we want is that these associations become an organization with an economic model compatible with our reality and that can contribute to the transformation of our economy," said the president of the ATM, Amelia Muendane, on Wednesday in Maputo city, at the launch of the training cycle on modern cooperativism.

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE) about 90% of the economically active population is in the informal sector, and Maputo City is one of the centers of proliferation of this sector.

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