CNE says voting material is already in the country

CNE diz que material de votação já está no País

The National Electoral Commission (CNE) guaranteed today that the voting material for the repeat municipal elections in the municipalities of Gurué and Milange, in Zambézia province; Marromeu, in Sofala and Nacala-Porto, in Nampula are already in the country.

"They are currently being transported by air to the provincial capitals, where they could be sent to the districts later this Wednesday," said CNE spokesman Paulo Cuinica.

The forecast, according to the spokesman, is that by next Friday all the material will be in the districts so that the process of distributing it to the polling stations can begin.

Cuinica, who was speaking today at a press conference in Maputo City, also said that the total cost of the process is more than 40 million meticais.

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