CNE says it has already secured 6.5 billion meticais for voter registration

CNE diz já ter assegurado 6.5 mil milhões de meticais para o recenseamento eleitoral

The National Electoral Commission (CNE) said today at a conference that it had part of the money needed to start the voter registration process.

According to CNE spokesman Paulo Cuinica, the process will cover more than 7.7 million voters this year and more than 6,000 brigades will be set up across the country.

In all, the process of the general elections on October 9 will cost around 19.993 billion meticais, of which the government has guaranteed the disbursement of 6.5 billion meticais.

With regard to the war scenario in Cabo Delgado, the institution's spokesman, Paulo Cuinica, says that everything will be done to ensure that the displaced people register in the places where they are.

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