CIP says cuts to managers' salaries are "insignificant"

CIP diz que cortes nos salários dos dirigentes são “insignificantes”

The Center for Public Integrity (CIP) considers "insignificant" the cuts in the salaries of state leaders, intended to contain spending on salaries.

Reductions in the salaries of MPs, ministers and other public office holders and the administration of justice, within the scope of the Single Salary Table (TSU), were approved by consensus and definitively by the Portuguese Parliament on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, for the CIP, cutting the salaries of senior state leaders is a necessary measure to reduce the state's wage bill, which is currently unsustainable. "However, the cuts proposed by the government are insignificant to achieve this objective," says economist Estrela Charles.

According to the economist, the proposal to reduce the salaries of sovereign bodies and senior state leaders will allow for a reduction in the payroll of just over 1.4 billion meticais a year, but the government needs to cut at least 12.3 billion meticais a year.

Nevertheless, the CIP believes that the government structure should be reduced, eliminating some functions and institutions that make the wage bill high, pointing out that there is still a disparity in the reduction of individual salaries of the different heads of state bodies.

"The poor projection of government spending, coupled with the high salaries of sovereign bodies and members of public bodies, has meant that salaries are being spent more than budgeted," he concluded.

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