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Paulina Chiziane recebe hoje o Prémio Camões

Paulina Chiziane receives today the Camões Award

The Camões Prize, the most valuable award in the Portuguese language, will be presented today to writer Paulina Chiziane in Lisbon, Portugal. Chiziane won the prize by unanimous vote of the jury in 2021, and will receive the honor from the hands of the Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, at the Coach Museum in that European country. The award was also given to...

Monique Seka em Maputo para dois dias de concerto

Monique Seka in Maputo for two days of concert

The singer from Côte d'Ivoire, Monique Seka, considered the "Queen of Afro-Zouk", will be in Maputo for two shows, on the 3rd and 4th of March 2023 at the Gallery in the Port of Maputo starting at 7:00 PM, thus marking the beginning of a series of great concerts that will take place every month...

Três artistas moçambicanos apresentam coreografia conjunta em Lisboa

Three Mozambican artists present joint choreography in Lisbon

The Mozambican artists Vasco Sitoe, Francisca Mirine and Leia Mabasso will present, this Friday, in Lisbon, Portugal, a joint choreographic work, developed in the scope of the "Itineraries" program. A note received by our office states that it is a choreography of ?concealment and revelation?, called Identidade Oculta (Hidden Identity). The work was developed during four weeks...

Mia Couto lança esta sexta-feira ?O Caçador de Elefantes Invisíveis?

Mia Couto launches this Friday ?O Caçador de Elefantes Invisíveis?

The Mozambican writer Mia Couto launches next Friday, in the city of Beira, the book ?The Invisible Elephant Hunter? a collection of 26 short stories that portrays, among other themes, the situation of terrorism in Cabo Delgado and Covid-19 related plots. The work, sponsored by Fernando Leite Couto Foundation, will be presented by the writer Dany...

Open House Maputo: Uma viagem aos ?inacessíveis? edifícios icónicos da cidade

Open House Maputo: A journey to the city's ?inaccessible? iconic buildings

The city of Maputo is beautiful, for everything but nothing, in particular for the architectural splendor that surprises everyone. The secular and modern buildings give it uniqueness among the world's metropolises, blending stories (and histories). Those who visit it return to their city wanting to return to Maputo, for it is open to the whole world? By the way

Novo livro de Juvenal Bucuane a caminho das prateleiras

Juvenal Bucuane's new book on its way to the shelves

The Mozambican writer Juvenal Bucuane will launch the book ?Masingita ou a Subtileza do Incesto? at 5:30pm next Wednesday, in Maputo, at Camões Center ? Portuguese Cultural Center. The book results from an article published in June 2020 in a local newspaper with the following content: ?woman who became pregnant by her own...

Músico moçambicano Jimmy Dludlu laureado na África do Sul

Mozambican musician Jimmy Dludlu honored in South Africa

Mozambican musician Jimmy Dludlu will be awarded with the Career Award during the 28th edition of the South African Music Awards (SAMA), which will take place on the 28th of this month, in South Africa. The distinction is for his contribution in the development of the South African music industry in the last two decades, according to a note published by the...