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“Poderes do Presidente da República limitam a independência dos órgãos de soberania”, – Renamo

"The powers of the President of the Republic limit the independence of the organs of sovereignty," - Renamo

Renamo's parliamentary caucus is contesting the powers conferred on the President of the Republic by the Constitution, claiming that they are excessive, as they end up limiting the independence of some sovereign bodies. The position of the largest opposition party was expressed this Thursday by the head of the parliamentary caucus, Viana Magalhães, during the closing ceremony of...

CNE diz que material de votação já está no País

CNE says voting material is already in the country

The National Electoral Commission (CNE) guaranteed today that the voting material for the repeat municipal elections in the municipalities of Gurué and Milange, in Zambézia province; Marromeu, in Sofala and Nacala-Porto, in Nampula are already in the country. "They are currently being transported by air to the provincial capitals, where they are still...

“Essas marchas vão-se intensificar. Vai ser pior do que isso” – Venâncio Mondlane

"These marches are going to intensify. It's going to be worse than that" - Venâncio Mondlane

RENAMO's candidate in Maputo, Venâncio Mondlane, said that if the Constitutional Council does not uphold the appeal against the election results, the demonstrations will increase, and he is ready "for anything". "If it doesn't reflect the truth, these marches will intensify. What they saw today will be three, four, five, six, ten times worse than...

5 dicas para poupar e não desperdiçar alimentos

5 tips for saving and not wasting food

Reduce waste and save on your supermarket bills with these 5 measures. While, according to the UN, around 780 million people go hungry around the world, every year a third of the world's food production is lost from production to consumption. Reducing losses and waste...

Ghorwane volta ao palco para celebrar 40 anos de carreira

Ghorwane returns to the stage to celebrate 40 years of career

The band Ghorwane is holding another concert this Friday, September 29, at Parque dos Poetas, in the city of Matola, as part of the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of their career. Dedicated to the memory of Zeca Alage and Pedro Langa, the concert will feature guests Anita Macuácua, Stewart Sukuma, Banda Nkhuvu, Dj Faya, Dj Serito and Dj...

Greve em Hollywood, que dura há quase cinco meses pode ter os dias contados

The Hollywood strike, which has been going on for almost five months, may have its days numbered

Hollywood studios and screenwriters have reached an agreement to end the strike, after a marathon five days of negotiations. However, the agreement has to be approved by the leadership and members of the WGA. According to SIC Notícias, the screenwriters' union and Hollywood studios have reached an agreement in principle to end...


Cabo Delgado: US funds construction of secondary school for 4,100 students in Pemba

The United States of America (USA) has announced funding for the construction of a secondary school with capacity for 4,100 students, including displaced people, in the city of Pemba, the capital of Cabo Delgado province. "We have officially started the construction of a secondary school that will give access to education to 4,100 students a year," said the US ambassador...

VAGA EMPREGO: Camareiro/a

VACANCY JOB: Chambermaid

Full-time job vacancy for a chambermaid in Pemba, Cabo Delgado. Description Provide cleaning and organization services for the accommodation in accordance with the standards set by the company, current regulations and legislation; Maintain the organization of work environments and equipment; Provide high quality services, exceeding guests' expectations; Carry out the relevant activities...