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Ponta do Ouro reclama ausência total de turistas devido a interdição das praias

Ponta do Ouro claims total absence of tourists due to beach ban

Tour operators in Ponta do Ouro, in Maputo province, express their concern over the total absence of tourists in this region as a result of the ban on beaches decreed a few days ago by the government to contain the spread of the Ómicron variant. Abdul Adamo, president of the Association of Economic Operators of Ponta do Ouro says there are...

Moçambique continua a ser um destino para investimento turístico

Mozambique remains a destination for tourism investment

Mozambique continues to be a destination for investment in the tourism sector, despite the current pandemic situation. This idea was advocated by the National Director of Tourism, Cândido Langa, when he spoke on Tuesday in Maputo during a press conference organized by the Confederation of Mozambique Economic Associations (CTA), as part of the festive season. Cândido Langa stressed that...

Covid-19: Sector privado satisfeito com manutenção de medidas

Covid-19: Private Sector satisfied with maintenance of measures

The Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA) said on Tuesday that maintaining the restrictions imposed as part of the fight against covid-19 will ensure the balance between health and the economy. Following the announcement by the president of the republic, Filipe Nyusi, this Monday, on the suspension of curfews for the days of the...

TAP pode fechar portas apesar da injecção de 3 mil milhões de euros

TAP may close its doors despite injection of 3 billion euros

The approval of a restoration plan in Brussels will decide the fate of the company Transportes Aereos Portugueses (TAP). Portuguese Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, believes that by the end of this year TAP's re-emergence plan will be approved, and if it is disapproved there is no other way out. "If TAP...

Mais de 250 mil pessoas vão cruzar Ressano Garcia durante a Quadra festiva

More than 250 thousand people will cross Ressano Garcia during the festive season

The National Migration Service (SENAMI) in the province of Maputo revealed on Thursday that just over 250,000 people may cross the border at Ressano Garcia during the festive season. According to SENAMI, there has been an increase in the migratory movement in the last few days, with 44,958 travelers registered against 32,304 registered in the same period of the year...

Rio de Janeiro cancela réveillon devido à covid-19

Rio de Janeiro cancels New Year's Eve celebrations due to covid-19

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, announced, this Saturday, the cancellation of New Year's Eve parties due to covid-19. Thus, Rio de Janeiro joins 21 other regional capitals of Brazil that have already decided to cancel their New Year's Eve parties. The official said that by the dimensions of the city there is no...

Turismo arrecada USD 157 milhões em voos, mas ómicron ameaça expectativas da CTA

Tourism raises USD 157 million in flights, but omicron threatens CTA expectations

The CTA-Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique said Wednesday in Maputo that the tourism sector has raised about $157 million (14%) in business and leisure flights alone during January and September 2021 as a result of the relaxation of covid-19 prevention measures. During a press conference on the...

Afinal nem todos países interromperam ligações aéreas com Moçambique

Not all countries have interrupted air links with Mozambique after all

The company Commerce, Tourism and Travel Agency (COTUR) released this Tuesday, a list containing information about international flights following the restrictions caused by the discovery of new variant Omicron in South Africa. According to the list released by the agency, after all, there are still countries that continue to operate their airline connections with...