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Moçambique perde metade das receitas de turismo

Mozambique loses half of its tourism revenue

Mozambique's international tourism receipts settled at about $25.74 million, representing a drop of about 51.1%, compared to 2020. Eldevina Materula, Minister of Culture and Tourism, said that the fact is due to the outbreak of Covid-19. She mentioned that the pandemic had a social and economic impact, with the...

Cabo Verde quer instalar delegação da OTM

Cape Verde wants to install an OTM delegation

Cape Verde is negotiating the installation of a delegation from the World Tourism Organization (OTM). It should see a new mandate ratified as a member of the Organization's Executive Council, said Carlos Santos, Minister of Tourism and Transport. Carlos Santos, referred that the decision results from the 64th meeting of the African Regional Commission of the World Tourism Organization (WTO).