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Government sets minimum price for seed cotton for the current marketing year

At the Council of Ministers, the Mozambican government set the minimum purchase price for seed cotton from the producer, the ginning fee and the seed cotton price subsidy, which will come into force during the 2023-2024 agricultural campaign. According to the spokesperson for the 17th ordinary session of the Council of Ministers, Ludovina Bernardo, the...

Estabelecimentos de restauração aumentaram no País em 32% no primeiro trimestre

Restaurant establishments increased in the country by 32% in the first quarter

From January to March this year, Mozambique saw 33 new restaurants and drinks establishments come into operation, compared to 25 in the same period in 2023, representing an increase of 32%. The data is included in the balance of the Economic and Social Plan and State Budget (BdPESOE), for the first quarter of 2024, released by the...

Moçambique pode banir exportação de minério bruto

Mozambique may ban raw ore exports

The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) is working with the main players in the sector to ensure that mineral resources exploited in the country are exported after being processed. The aim is to maximize the gains from the exploitation of mineral resources and promote the country's industrial development by processing...

Província de Gaza projecta retoma da produção de trigo

Gaza province projects recovery in wheat production

The Lower Limpopo Irrigation District, in the town of Xai-Xai in Gaza, is going to relaunch wheat cultivation, which had been discontinued in the province for around 50 years. According to the governor of that province, Margarida Mapanzene, the first sowing should start soon, as a result of cooperation with the Chinese company Wambao, which also grows...