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Município de Maputo estabelece prazo de 30 dias para licenciar obras sem alvará de construção

Maputo municipality sets 30-day deadline for licensing works without a building permit

Over the next 30 days, the Maputo City Council expects to license around 500 illegally built or irregular construction projects in all the municipal districts of the country's capital. To this end, CMCM launched yesterday (18) a campaign for the mass regularization of illegal or irregular construction work up to the fourth floor, with...

Venda de carros e imóveis por mais de 250 mil meticais devem ser comunicadas ao GIFiM

Sale of cars and real estate for more than 250,000 meticais must be reported to GIFiM

Sales of cars and real estate worth more than 250,000 meticais must be reported to Mozambique's Financial Information Office (GIFiM), according to the institution's Director of Legal Services, Study and Cooperation, Paulo Munguambe. This measure aims to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. The automobile...

PGR recorre ao Tribunal Administrativo para proibir a construção de condomínio no Mangal da Costa do Sol

PGR appeals to Administrative Court to prohibit construction of condominium in Mangal da Costa do Sol

The Public Prosecutor's Office (MP), through the Attorney General's Office (PGR) of Maputo City, has filed an action with the Administrative Court (TA) of Maputo City to request a declaration of nullity of the orders of the Municipal Council of the country's capital that granted the title of Right to Use and Benefit from Land (DUAT) to...

Carlos Mesquita critica a proliferação de construções desordenadas em Moçambique

Carlos Mesquita criticizes the proliferation of disorderly construction in Mozambique

The Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources, Carlos Mesquita, criticized the proliferation of disorderly construction in Mozambique, most of which does not include the provision of utilities such as water and energy. Speaking during the opening ceremony of the 1st Congress of Architecture in Mozambique, a two-day event...

Fundo de Fomento para Habitação projecta construir mais 820 casas em todo o País

Housing Development Fund plans to build 820 more houses across the country

The Housing Development Fund (FFH) plans to build more houses for people in need. In fact, consultants will be hired this semester to design another 820 projects in various parts of the country, as part of the "Housing Improvement" project. In a publication in the newspaper Notícias, the chairman of the HFF's Board of Directors, Armindo Munguambe, assured...

Arquitectos buscam soluções para reduzir o impacto das mudanças climáticas nas infra-estruturas no País

Architects seek solutions to reduce the impact of climate change on the country's infrastructure

Mozambican architects want to help reduce the impact of climate change on the country's infrastructures, a subject they intend to discuss at the first congress of the professional association, to be held next week in Maputo. A report published by the Green Severs portal states that the congress will take place on February 8 and 9,...