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Conhecido hoje o parceiro estratégico do projecto Mphanda Nkuwa que vai investir até 700 milhões de dólares

Known today the strategic partner of the Mphanda Nkuwa project that will invest up to 700 million dollars

The strategic partner for the construction of the Mphanda Nkuwa dam, in Tete province, will be announced today. The energy infrastructure will be built 60 kilometers downstream of Cahora Bassa, along the Zambezi river, in the same province. On May 03 this year, the spokesman of the Council of Ministers, Filimão Suaze, advanced that the...

ANE Procura consultor para projecto conceptual da EN1

ANE Seeks Consultant for Conceptual Design of EN1

The National Roads Administration (ANE) has just launched a public tender for the selection of a consultant who will prepare the conceptual project with a view to rehabilitate the National Road Number One (EN1), in a 508-kilometer section. The financial agreement for the rehabilitation of this road, in the sections Inchope-Gorongosa, Gorongosa-Caia, Chimuara-Nicoadala and Metoro-Pemba, in the...

Depois de Elon Musk, japoneses podem aproveitar matéria-prima moçambicana para produzir baterias de veículos eléctricos

After Elon Musk, Japanese can use Mozambican raw material to produce electric vehicle batteries

The Mozambican government is seeking Japanese investment to establish in Mozambique a manufacturing unit for the production of batteries for electric cars. Last year, the South African multimillionaire, owner of Tesla, builder of electric vehicles, signed a contract with Syrah Resources for the acquisition of graphite from the Balama mines, in the province of...

Médico tradicional vai erguer universidade de medicina tradicional em Moçambique

Traditional healer to erect traditional medicine university in Mozambique

The traditional Mozambican physician, Mbaimbai Hlati intends to create the University of African Medicine in Mozambique (SADC University Of African Medicine - UAM) to disseminate African traditional knowledge as well as support its practitioners. Mbaimbai Hlati founded the SADC UAM in South Africa in 2012, ? the first university of traditional medicine in the world...