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When the country allows you to dream, but challenges hold you back

"Dreaming, desiring, and mentalizing are basic prerequisites for man to achieve a certain purpose", so says a popular adage, and reality certifies it. However, in Mozambique the situation is different for many, because the challenges almost exceed the capacity of the Mozambicans' aspirations! And the numbers prove this reality, there are more challenges than successes achieved! There are...


From trash to sustainable prosthetics

Marta Uetela is a young Mozambican with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and stands out in the world of sustainable entrepreneurship. BioMec is a start-up that develops a variety of prostheses using recycled material and has already been distinguished in a worldwide competition. It all started from the need to help a former college classmate who had difficulty getting around. "Yes,...

“O gás um dia vai acabar… e a transformação energética é o futuro”

"Gas will one day run out...and energy transformation is the future"

The issues surrounding the energy sector are under debate all over the world. The main purpose of all of them is to find ways for a sustainable exploitation, and above all, with less environmental impact. Mozambique is no stranger to this, more so because it is a country extremely rich in fossil and renewable resources. Thus,...

Fazer da arte um negócio lucrativo

Making art a profitable business

Nália Agostinho is a young Mozambican who is emerging quickly in the world of plastic arts. The artist's most recent solo exhibition, which also marks the opening of her new gallery, is on display in Maputo city. She is one of the most emerging artists in the world of plastic arts. But her contact...


"We are facing an atypical reality"

For a year now, the pandemic has been shaking several sectors of economic activity in the world. In Mozambique, the beer industry is one of those that has been most affected, because the restrictive measures adopted by the government since the beginning, in March 2020, have shortened the hours of commerce and restaurants, and banned some establishments such as tents and nightclubs as a way to avoid crowds