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Aparatoso acidente de viação mata oito pessoas em Nampula

Road accident kills eight people in Nampula

An apparent road accident killed eight people on board a semi-collective passenger transport vehicle on Monday in the Namina Administrative Post, Mecubúri district, in Nampula province. Six people died on the spot. Most of the victims were shopkeepers. The accident also resulted in the injury of around...


INCM may approve new telephone promotional packages

Mozambique's National Communications Institute (INCM) is going to evaluate the more than 200 proposals from mobile phone operators in the country to create new mobile service packages. "There is a set of measures that have been and will be implemented. Operators continue to submit packages. Today we already have more than 200 packages...

Reino Unido devolve mais de 66 milhões a Moçambique

UK returns more than 66 million to Mozambique

On Tuesday (07), in the Bailiwick of Jersey, the United Kingdom returned 829,500 pounds (around 66,343,913.40 meticais at the current exchange rate) to Mozambique, as part of the signing of the first agreement to return assets from illegal activities on foreign territory. According to the memorandum, the returned assets will be used by the Mozambican authorities...

Daniel Chapo eleito candidato da Frelimo para as presidenciais

Daniel Chapo elected Frelimo presidential candidate

It's decided! Daniel Chapo is the candidate elected to run for President of the Republic in the next general elections by the Frelimo party. Chapo won with 295 votes, corresponding to 94% in a second round in which he ran alone after the withdrawal of Roque Silva, who even made the position of secretary general available, as we reported in a publication...

Mais nomes entram na lista dos pré-candidatos à Presidência da República 

More names join the list of pre-candidates for the Presidency of the Republic 

The Political Commission has given in to pressure from the Central Committee and in addition to the names put forward yesterday, five more names have been put forward today as presidential candidates. These are Luísa Diogo, José Pacheco, Eduardo Mulémbwè and Samora Machel Júnior, according to TV Sucesso. In the meantime, it seems that CP has already decided on the candidates to present to the...

Sucessão: Mais uma vez falta de consenso volta a ditar o adiamento da eleição do candidato da Frelimo

Succession: Once again a lack of consensus leads to the postponement of the election of the Frelimo candidate

The Frelimo party's choice of candidate for President of the Republic will have to be delivered by caesarean section. The debate is now in its third day and there is no consensus on who should be the future leader of the Frelimo party and possibly replace the President of the Republic in the Presidency. What is happening is that the...

Sucessão de Filipe Nyusi : Ainda não há consenso para a eleição  do candidato da Frelimo

Filipe Nyusi's succession: There is still no consensus for the election of the Frelimo candidate

Everything indicates that it hasn't been an easy task to elect a candidate with a consensus within the Frelimo party for next October's presidential elections. After long hours of analyzing the names put forward by the Political Commission, the members of the Central Committee decided to postpone the debate to today (04.05) from 10am....

Sucessão de Filipe Nyusi: Roque Silva na lista final em debate no Comité Central

Filipe Nyusi's succession: Roque Silva on the final list debated by the Central Committee

Frelimo's general secretary, Roque Silva, is on the final list of names currently being debated at the meeting of the Frelimo Central Committee, the body that will elect the successor to the current President of Frelimo, according to TV Sucesso. The members of the Frelimo Central Committee are currently meeting behind closed doors to decide...

Frelimo elege hoje o seu candidato presidencial

Frelimo elects its presidential candidate today

Today, Frelimo will elect its candidate for the October 9 presidential elections. The session is scheduled for 1pm at the party's headquarters in the city of Matola. Frelimo's Political Commission met yesterday afternoon to consider the names of the candidates for the presidency of the party and the Republic....