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Há empresas que continuam a violar direitos laborais

Some companies continue to violate labor rights

Government considers that there are companies that continue to violate labor rights in the country. Data from the General Inspection of Labor, from January to September of this year, indicate that more than 15 800 infractions were detected, in about 700 institutions. For the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Margarida Talapa, these infractions are associated to the lack of...

Nacala Logistics transportou mais de 60 mil passageiros no terceiro trimestre

Nacala Logistics carried more than 60 thousand passengers in the third quarter

Nacala Logistics transported, during the 3rd quarter of the current year, a total of 62,574 people on its passenger trains, 8,085 more compared to the previous quarter. This increase corresponds to a rise of around 14%, compared to the second quarter of 2021. The company's official source reports that the results were influenced by the...

Moçambique mobiliza países da região para mobilizarem fundos para resiliência climática

Mozambique mobilizes countries in the region to mobilize funds for climate resilience

Mozambique urges the other countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to prepare cross-border projects and mobilize funds for increasing climate resilience in the basins of shared rivers. According to the Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources, Osvaldo Machatine, who was speaking a few days ago in Eswatini at the signing of the agreements...

Covid-19: Moçambique recebe doses para vacinar um milhão de pessoas

Covid-19: Mozambique receives doses to vaccinate one million people

The United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) announced that Mozambique is expected to receive, later this week, enough doses of Covid-19 preventive vaccine to vaccinate about one million people. Meanwhile, this Monday, the country benefited from a donation of about 840,000 doses of the Janssen vaccine delivered by the United States...

BM lança concurso para novas Fintechs

BM launches tender for new Fintechs

The Bank of Mozambique (BM) launched, last week, the third edition of the competition for new Financial Technologies (Fintechs) ?SandBox Regulatory?, and there are ten vacancies available, and until last Friday there were about 18 applications. This is an initiative of the Central Bank for the promotion of the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion...

Vale investe 1,2 milhões de dólares em infraestrutura pecuária

Vale invests $1.2 million in livestock infrastructure

The mining company Vale Mozambique is investing around 1.2 million dollars in public infrastructure for livestock development in the Moatize district, in Tete. The project will benefit the communities of this district, which develop livestock in the vicinity of the Mining Concession Area. The infrastructure will be built in about 18 months and the management and...