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Troca de farpas: Venâncio Mondlane é “um camaleão” e “não inspira confiança”, segundo José Manteigas

Exchange of barbs: Venâncio Mondlane is "a chameleon" and "does not inspire confidence", according to José Manteigas

Renamo's spokesman, José Manteigas, classifies the party's MP, Venâncio Mondlane, as "a chameleon" and that he cannot be trusted because of his ability to join different parties. The MP's political history includes a stint in the Frelimo party, the Democratic Movement of Mozambique - where he was a member of parliament and a candidate for the municipal elections in the city...

Combate ao terrorismo: SG da Frelimo reconhece empenho e heroicidade da força local

Fight against terrorism: Frelimo SG recognizes commitment and heroism of local force

Frelimo yesterday paid tribute to the local force made up of Combatants of the National Liberation Struggle who voluntarily joined the Armed Defense Forces of Mozambique to fight terrorism in some districts of Cabo Delgado province. According to a press release, the tribute was paid by the Secretary General of Frelimo, Roque Silva, for whom...

Cabo Delgado ainda não recenseou cidadãos em 22 postos

Cabo Delgado still hasn't registered citizens in 22 posts

The insecurity and degradation of access roads in Cabo Delgado is delaying the start of voter registration in 22 posts, ten days before the end of the process. In the district of Quissanga alone there are 19 posts without voter registration, in Mocímboa da Praia there are two, and one in the district of Ancuabe. A...

Israel lança ataque contra o Irã, diz imprensa dos EUA

Israel launches attack on Iran, says US press

Israel launched an attack on Iran, the US press reported on Thursday evening (16), citing a US official. According to The New York Times, Israeli authorities confirmed the attack on condition of anonymity. Explosions were heard near a military base. This attack comes in retaliation after...

Aumento de temperatura pode levar à queda do PIB mundial

Rising temperatures could lead to a drop in global GDP

A study published in the scientific journal Nature Climate Change reveals that the world could lose around 10% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) if global temperatures rise by 3°C. "If we take into account that warmer years also bring changes in rainfall and temperature variability, it turns out that the estimated impact...

Campeonato de natação do inverno junta mais de 300 atletas na capital moçambicana

Winter swimming championships bring together more than 300 athletes in the Mozambican capital

The Maputo City Winter Swimming Championship kicks off today, Friday (19), at the Zimpeto Olympic Swimming Pool. The event, which will last until the 28th of this month, will be held in two phases. The championship will bring together a total of 350 athletes from the clubs Ferroviário, Costa do Sol, Desportivo, Golfinhos, Naval, Barracudas, Tubarões, Marítimo...