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Nabila Ramos festeja Natal com evento marcado pela presença de 14 marcas nacionais e internacionais

Nabila Ramos celebrates Christmas with an event marked by the presence of 14 national and international brands

The creator of digital content and model, Nabila Ramos, will gather early tonight in Maputo, 14 national and international brands in an event that in addition to the interaction between the brands, marks the Christmas celebrations. The event of private character and for which is expected the presence of 50 people from...

Especialistas alertam para situação caótica da subnutrição em Moçambique

Experts warn of chaotic malnutrition situation in Mozambique

The African Union, the Food and Agriculture Organization and Unicef released last week the report entitled "Africa Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition 2021", which revealed an increase in extreme poverty and malnutrition in Africa. In the case of Mozambique, the prevalence of undernourishment is 31.2%, a situation that experts...

Ministério da Educação defende criação de uma Lei de alimentação escolar

Ministry of Education defends the creation of a school feeding law

The Ministry of Education and Human Development, advocates the creation of a school feeding law, aiming to reduce the number of students who drop out of school due to hunger. Parallel to this intention, the education authorities encourage elementary school to improve the habit of school gardens, as an alternative to retaining students...

Absa Bank Moçambique apoia exposição para a sensibilização da equidade de género

Absa Bank Moçambique supports exhibition to raise awareness of gender equity

Absa Bank Mozambique - signatory of the United Nations Global Compact - has demonstrated its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals by supporting the SPROWT Foundation initiative - the Genderful Society Exhibition, from December 7 to 11, in the city of Maputo, simultaneously with the 17th edition of Mozambique Fashion...

PR mantém as medidas do decreto anterior por mais 30 dias

PR maintains the measures of the previous decree for another 30 days

The President of the Republic, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, decided to maintain the previous measures under the State of Emergency, for another 30 days from 00.00 today. According to the President to make this decision, it was taken into account that the country is at alert level 3, but also the spread of the Ómicron variant, the increase...

“Devemos abandonar os investimentos do Banco Mundial e… ‘o gás é todo nosso’”

"We should abandon World Bank investments and... 'the gas is all ours'"

The idea of looking at local content centralized the "unprepared" speech of Mozambican businessman Salimo Abdula, during the launch of the "Morenergy" initiative, on Tuesday (14), in the city of Maputo. Speaking as Chairman of the Intelec Holdings Group, among several reminders and suggestions for Mozambique's progress, Abdula...

Já estão decididas novas tarifas dos chapas

New chapas rates are already decided

The current fares of public transport will cease to be valid on January 1, 2022, in the Municipality of Maputo, and will suffer an increase of no more than 30%, according to the result of the vote of the Municipal Assembly in favor of the increase, last Friday. Thus, the new fares for buses (machimbombos) and minibuses (chapas)...

Governo tem negligenciado o desenvolvimento das zonas rurais

Government has neglected the development of rural areas

The executive director of the Rural Environment Observatory (OMR), João Mosca, criticizes the State for forgetting the countryside, channeling insufficient resources for the development of family agriculture favoring export crops. According to João Mosca, the government has neglected to finance the development of the areas and the rural productive sector. After independence, according to Mosca,...