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Há inspectores “piratas” a andar entre nós, denuncia o INAE

There are "pirate" inspectors walking among us, denounces INAE

The National Inspection of Economic Activities (INAE) denounced on Tuesday the existence of people identifying themselves as agents of the institution without being so, and that this has been happening since November last year. According to INAE, the pirates' practice has been to demand monetary values from some companies to exclude them from inspection.

INGD recomenda retirada imediata das populações nas zonas de risco

INGD recommends immediate withdrawal of populations in risk zones

The National Institute for Disaster Risk Management and Reduction (INGD) recommends that populations living in risk areas to leave the sites as a way to avoid dramatic situations in the event of floods or floods in the face of the 2021/2022 rainy and cyclonic season, underway in the country since last October. According to the institution, the...

Kenmare Resources quer envolver empresas nacionais nas suas actividades

Kenmare Resources wants to involve national companies in its activities

Mozambican companies supplying goods and services will be able to do more business with Irish company Kenmare Resources, which operates in Nampula province and now intends to consume more local content, according to a statement from the company. Interested parties, according to the document, will be able to register electronically on a Kenmare Resources portal created for the...

INAE suspende 55 agentes económicos por práticas ilícitas

INAE suspends 55 economic agents for illegal practices

The National Inspection of Economic Activities (INAE) notified 266 economic agents and suspended another 55 for illicit practices in the supply of goods and services during the festive season, throughout the national territory. "In the period in reference INAE carried out throughout the country 12,204 inspection actions to various industrial units, commercial, provision...

Forças de Defesa procuram causas da queda de avião em Maputo

Defense Forces search for causes of plane crash in Maputo

The Armed Forces of Defense of Mozambique have set up a team to investigate the possible causes of the crash of an Air Force aircraft in the airport district, on the outskirts of the air base (Vulcano). A press release reveals that it was "an instructional aircraft of the Festival type, belonging to the Practical School of Aviation". O...

HCB supera a meta anual na produção de energia

HCB exceeds annual goal in energy production

It is a fact! As expected, the Hydroelectric of Cahora Bassa (HCB) registered, in 2021, a global production of 14.990 GWh, corresponding to 6.12% above the production planned for the year 2021. According to the statement that reached our editorial office, the global hydroelectric production results from the availability of water resources, state-of-the-art equipment...

Mais de 1500 famílias residem em zonas de risco na Matola

More than 1500 families live in risk areas in Matola

Over 1500 families live in risk areas and areas prone to flooding in the municipality of Matola, Maputo province. According to the report of Radio Mozambique, these are families who built their houses in eleven neighborhoods of the capital of Maputo province, some of them in retention basins of rainwater. The biggest...

Queda de avião militar em Maputo faz dois mortos

Military plane crash in Maputo leaves two dead

An aircraft of the Air Force of Mozambique, presumably used for the instruction of pilots, crashed above a residence in the neighborhood of the airport in Maputo city and killed its members. Inside the aircraft were the instructor and the instructing student who lost their lives immediately. Preliminary information in our...

INE lança Inquérito sobre Orçamento Familiar no país

INE launches Family Budget Survey in the country

At least 15,732 households will be covered by the Household Budget Survey (HBS) in the next 12 months throughout the country, in a process whose official launch took place this Monday in Maputo. This is a survey aimed at making a comparison of key indicators that assess the country's economic and social growth, especially in the current...