Cabo Delgado: Terrorists kill and burn houses in Chiúre district

Cabo Delgado: Terroristas matam e queimam casas no distrito de Chiúre

A group of terrorists entered the village of Nantavo, in the administrative post of Chiúre Velho, yesterday afternoon, Monday (22), where they burned down several houses and killed three people.

According to a publication on the Zumbo FM NewsToday, Tuesday 23rd, the insurgents entered the village of Mecolene, also the administrative post of Chiúre Velho, where they burned houses and a vehicle.

"They entered the village of Nantavo yesterday, where they killed three people, burned houses, I don't have the number yet. This morning, they entered the village of Mecolene where they also burned houses and a car that was heading towards Mazeze," a government source quoted by the portal said.

The Chiúre district administrator, Oliveira Amimo, without going into details, confirmed the presence of terrorists in some Chiúre villages, adding that he still "has no details of the damage caused by the extremists".

"I do have this information that they have entered some villages, but I don't have any data yet because I'm rushing to visit the Secretary of State who is here," Oliveira Amimo said.

It should be remembered that the Chiúre Velho and Mazeze administrative posts were the scene of insurgent incursions last February, which caused the number of displaced people to rise to almost 100,000, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) bulletin.

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