Cabo Delgado: Naparamas raid hideout and kill 10 insurgents in Macomia

Cabo Delgado: Naparamas invadem esconderijo e matam 10 insurgentes em Macomia

A group of naparamas, Mozambican paramilitaries, announced that they had killed 10 insurgents during a raid on a group hideout near the Chai lagoon, in the district of Macomia, Cabo Delgado province.

According to a VOAThe invasion, which followed an intense confrontation between the militia and the insurgents, took place on Monday (08), but the fighting was halted a few hours later due to a lack of ammunition on the part of the naparamas, made up of former veterans of the national liberation struggle.

"They shot down 10 insurgents, but they couldn't make an assault because of insufficient ammunition, so they had to retreat. They shot down a large number, they could see each other, it was a very short distance," said a member of the naparamas.

According to the source, the Mozambican paramilitaries used two sophisticated weapons in the raid, which made it possible to resist the insurgents' response, who later abandoned the hideout, taking the wounded and burying the bodies.

"One weapon was a machine gun and an RPG7 and the rest were these small arms, but as ammunition for the local force has been a very serious problem, so they couldn't raid that place," the source lamented, noting that there was destruction at the hideout.

Meanwhile, this invasion took place a day after the insurgents kidnapped and beheaded at least five young women in the village of Namaluco, in the interior of Quissanga, during the celebrations for Mozambican Women's Day, celebrated on April 7, according to several local sources, quoted by VOA.

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