Cabo Delgado: Gemrock mining company announces resumption of ruby exploration

Cabo Delgado: Mineradora Gemrock anuncia retoma exploração de rubis

Seven months after the attacks on the company's mining facilities, the Gemrock mining company announced on Wednesday, the resumption of ruby exploration activities in Cabo Delgado.

At a press conference in Pemba, Gemrock founder Ian Charles Hannam announced the return, stressing that: ?we are very grateful for the support the government has provided to increase security?

?they gave us defense and security forces to increase security in the area and we, as a company, will also increase that security? said Hannam, quoted by Lusa, explaining the use of ?drones?, canine guards and other electronic means.

For his part, Gemrock's director of operations, Colin John Andrews, said that the shutdown of activities in the company, caused huge losses and no revenue ?to be able to pay employees?

Gemrock is one of the companies exploring rubies and graphite in Cabo Delgado province.

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