Cabo Delgado: Thousands of displaced people arrive in Nampula after new terrorist attacks

Cabo Delgado: Milhares de deslocados chegam a Nampula após novos ataques terroristas

Thousands of people continue to arrive in the district headquarters of Chiúre, in Cabo Delgado, but also in the town of Namapa, in the neighboring province of Nampula, in northern Mozambique. The population fears that terrorists will carry out new attacks against the communities. 

According to an RFI report, the attack on the Mazeze administrative post last week triggered the flight of the population of Chiúre, in Cabo Delgado, to the neighboring province of Nampula. In this regard, the Secretary of State of Nampula confirmed the massive arrival of the population.

"Now our role, as the provincial government, is to open the doors for people to come in, they want some refuge," explained Jaime Neto, who wouldn't give any figures, but assured that the conditions have been created to house the displaced.

"We've opened a temporary reception center. There is an INGD team operating on the ground at the moment. It's very difficult to estimate in numerical terms, but many are coming in," he said.

The new terrorist attacks were also condemned on Thursday by the three parliamentary benches at the opening ceremony of the 9th ordinary session of Parliament.

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