Cabo Delgado: EDM loses 4 million meticais due to fraudulent schemes

Cabo Delgado: EDM perde 4 milhões de meticais devido a esquemas fraudulentos

Electricity of Mozambique (EDM) in Cabo Delgado suffered losses of 4 million meticais during the first quarter of 2024, as a result of clandestine connections, theft of transformer oil and vandalization of infrastructure.

"In the first three months we are estimating almost 4 million meticais in terms of what we calculate from energy theft, fraudulent consumption in this case, as well as vandalization of our infrastructure, such as the theft of active parts and transformer oil." - said the Provincial Director of EDM in Cabo Delgado, quoted by Zumbo FM.

Hermínio Ássamo also said that fraudulent actions are tending to decrease this year, whereas last year losses of 12 million meticais were recorded in the first three months.

"Against 2023, there has been a substantial reduction, because in the past we were calculating around 12 million meticais. I'm not saying we're doing well, but since there is an awareness on the part of customers, through the appeals we've been launching," the source said.

In all, according to the source, in the first quarter of this year EDM detected 220 frauds in Cabo Delgado in all areas.

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