BM to be audited by TA

BM passa a ser auditado pelo TA

Banco de Moçambique (BM) and the other public companies will now be audited by the Administrative Court (TA), as a result of the revision of the law that approves the organization, functioning and procedures of the public accounts section of the Administrative Court.  

According to the government, this law, which was revised on Friday morning, eight years later, restructures the mechanisms for supervising and managing public accounts, allowing for greater control of the public purse, according to "O País".

The law now specifies the institutions that must be verified or audited by the TA, such as the Assembly of the Republic, the Constitutional Council, the courts, decentralized provincial, district and local government bodies, among others.

However, the law did not mention the Bank of Mozambique or public companies. It took the Renamo and MDM parties condemning and "threatening" to boycott the approval of the instrument for the government, through the minister of justice, constitutional and religious affairs, Helena Kida, to back down and, after a consultation meeting, approve its inclusion. (O País)

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