Black Bulls go to FIFA to negotiate Geny Catamo's contract directly with Sporting. Amora FC is an intruder

Black Bulls recorre à FIFA para negociar contrato de Geny Catamo directo com Sporting. O Amora FC é intruso

The Black Bulls have appealed to the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) to find out about the possibility of negotiating directly with Sporting de Portugal for the sale of the pass of Mozambican player Geny Catamo.

The revelation was made to the Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias by Rafik Sidat, a Mozambican businessman based in Portugal, who, together with Zunide Lalgy, acquired 75% from the SAD of Amora FC in that European country.

Recounting how Geny Catamo arrived at Amora FC and the Leoninos, after refusing Porto FC and failing with Benfica, he understands that negotiations for the sale of the player's pass are being held up at Amora FC.

He revealed that he had agreed a deal with the lions for the transfer of 25% of the player's passport, but "a gentleman who is a shareholder in Amora appeared on the scene trying to inflate the value, when he only has to receive and pay the Black Bulls and the former owners the rest. Amora is a vehicle for receiving and paying, because the contracts are registered. The people who are there have no right to anything. I believe that this will be resolved as soon as he leaves Amora".

Indeed, Rafik Sidat and Zuneid Lalgy have left the Amora FC SAD. However, before that, the Geny Catamo dossier, in the possession of FIFA, is about a loan to Sporting with an option to buy, being able to acquire 90% of the pass at the end of the season. Geny was still at Amora FC, who would get 10%.

"But at that time Amora only had 15% of the economic rights and the other 85% were, and are, owned by the Black Bulls Association. And that's the contract that's registered with FIFA," according to Rafik Sidat, who refused to reveal the amounts of each tranche agreed.

He also said that it was thanks to his interventions that Sporting managed to get 25% of Geny Catamo's passport. "Without the contract we made, Sporting would probably have already let Geny go," he said.

"Sporting, having 25%, is unlikely to sell the player, even if Real Madrid shows an interest tomorrow," he said.

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