Bill Gates Anticipates the End of Internet Surveys

Bill Gates antecipa o fim de pesquisas na internet

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates foresees the emergence in the near future of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) application that will completely change user behavior and eradicate currently popular tools such as search engines or 'online' stores.

According to the billionaire, this AI assistant, which has yet to be developed, will be able to understand a person's needs and habits and will also end the use of the Internet as we know it.

In the fight for the lead to create the best AI-based generative tool are tech giants like Google with Bard, Microsoft with Bing, as well as 'startups' like OpenAI with ChatGPT.

"We will never go to a search 'site' again, we will never go to a productivity site or Amazon again," Bill Gates stressed during a Goldman Sachs and SV Angel event in San Francisco on AI.

So, "the most important thing is who gets a personal agent," he added.

As to which company will create this assistant, Gates stressed that he would be disappointed if Microsoft did not "step in."

The Microsoft cofounder also pointed out that he is "impressed" with some 'startups," including Inflection.AI, co-founded by former DeepMind executive Mustafa Suleyman.

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