Banks expect global economic growth to fall next year

Bancos prevêem que o crescimento económico global desça no próximo ano

Some of the largest global banks estimate that by 2024 economic growth will slow even further, pressured by high interest rates, higher energy prices and a slowdown in two of the world's largest economies, according to 'Reuters'.

According to a 'Reuters' survey, quoted by the newspaper Económico, this year the global economy is expected to grow by 2.9%, however for the year it is estimated that growth will slow down and be close to 2.6%.

Most economists expect economic growth to avoid an economic recession, but they have signaled possibilities for 'moderate recessions', mainly in Europe and the UK.

For the United States, banks and economists still expect 'soft' growth, despite the uncertainties surrounding the path of the Fed's monetary policies. China's growth seems to be weakening, exacerbated by companies looking for alternative, cost-efficient production destinations.

According to Goldman Sachs' outlook, the global economy should grow by 2.6% next year, with the Eurozone growing by 0.9%, the United States rising by 2.10% and the United Kingdom by 0.6%. Morgan Stanley points to global growth of 2.8%, with the Eurozone growing by 0.5%, the United States increasing by 1.9% and the United Kingdom falling by 0.1%.

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