Bank of Mozambique appoints resident inspector to monitor Millennium bim

Banco de Moçambique nomeia inspector residente para monitorar o Millennium bim

The Bank of Mozambique (BdM) appointed a resident inspector for Millennium bim today, Thursday (02), to "reinforce the monitoring" of that financial institution.

A note from the BdM to MZNews had access to, states that "following the need to reinforce the monitoring of the International Bank of Mozambique (Millennium bim), it appointed Mr. Hélder Manuel Chachuaio Muianga, a staff member of this institution, to perform the duties of resident inspector at this bank, with effect from today, May 2, 2024".

The resident inspector, according to the central bank, will have, among "other tasks", the mission of "monitoring the bank's business model and strategy, monitoring and analyzing developments in the bank's internal control system and participating in relevant meetings of the collegiate bodies".

"Despite this supervisory action, the Bank of Mozambique reports that Millennium bim remains solid and stable," he added.

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