Chókwè Banana arrives on the South African market

Banana de Chókwè chega no mercado sul-africano

Seventy thousand tons of Williams bananas, grown in the fields of Invest Limpopo Limitada in the Chókwè district of Gaza, will be exported to the South African market this year.

The information was advanced, last week, by the company's management, on the occasion of the working visit of the Gaza governor to the district. On the occasion, Júlio Langa mentioned that the company has conditions for the production of other crops such as sugar cane, vegetables and cotton.

He explained that the company is exploring 1154 hectares, of which 50 are being directed to banana production and the rest to other cash crops such as cotton, which will enter the experimental phase.

According to the official, 7.5 million meticais are being invested for agricultural production. Currently, the banana is at an advanced stage, having already exported 25 thousand tons to the South African market.

As far as cotton is concerned, the source said that they are in the conclusive phase of the market study, indicating that the Portuguese are, for now, the first to be interested in that national product.

The Gaza governor, Margarida Mapandzene, defended the need to consolidate banana and sugar cane production and then move on to other crops.

"We know this company from vegetable production, we don't need to go into details of how that ended or if the vegetable crops didn't give the desirable yield. You need to consolidate production because if you are doing too many things at once it can get in your way. We can think that the crops have no yield while the development plan of the company's activities is that it is not sustainable," said the provincial governor.

He also stressed the need for the creation of labeling that bears the name of the company and the district, as part of the strategies to enhance local content, as well as to raise the name of the province in the country and beyond.

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