ADB finances the replacement of bridges destroyed by Cyclone Kenneth in Nampula

BAD financia reposição das pontes destruídas pelo ciclone Kenneth em Nampula

The bridges over the Nacala and Muendazi rivers, in Nampula's Memba district, destroyed by cyclone Kenneth in April 2019, have now been restored, allowing the connection and fluidity of traffic over these waterways.

The Deputy Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources, Cecilia Chamutota, said at the inaugural ceremony on Friday that the bridges are the first to be restored, out of the 26 units planned.

The reconstruction program, according to Chamutota, is being supported with funds from the African Development Bank (ADB), amounting to 6.4 million dollars (411 million meticais), with which it was possible to purchase 1,110 linear meters of metal bridges.

"These bridges have been distributed throughout Nampula, Cabo Delgado, Manica and Sofala provinces for the purpose of assembly and launching at critical points to ensure safe crossing," he said.

In this context, the use of the road corridor connecting the headquarters of the Mazua Administrative Post, in Memba, and the district of Nacala-à-Velha is facilitated.

The ADB representative, César Mba Abogo, said that Mozambique's exposure to recurrent cyclones, due to its geographical location, suggests a different approach in terms of seeking capacities, preparing local teams in quick actions to restore transitability.

For this reason, he added, it is important to provide metal bridges at strategic points throughout the country, with teams to intervene in the rainy season.

According to Abogo, this is a situation that refers the managers of the Public Works, Housing and Water Resources sector to the need to finalize the revitalization and sizing of infrastructures, making them resilient.

"We are aware that the other development partners will be available to collaborate," he said.

The governor of Nampula, Manuel Rodrigues, said in the act of delivery of the referred infrastructures, that the gesture represents the end of the difficulties, supported by the population in what concerns the circulation of vehicles, people and goods.

He added that the Memba district has the potential to boost local development.

After the destruction of the bridges, the crossing was made over the riverbed, in precarious conditions, only in times of drought. In the rainy season, it was necessary to travel a distance of 150 kilometers, which now with the bridges is reduced to only 50.

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