AfDB provides funds to respond to natural disasters in Sofala

BAD disponibiliza verba para resposta a calamidades naturais em Sofala

The African Development Bank (ADB) has more than three billion meticais available for projects to respond to natural disasters in Sofala province.

Most of the money will go to support projects in the electricity sector, road and bridge construction. The other part will go towards infrastructure and agriculture.

Nádia Adrião, the AfDB's coordinator for the implementation of resilience projects in Sofala, said that an agreement for an additional ten million dollar project was being finalized.

Secondly, quoted by Rádio Moçambique, this money is to continue strengthening the resilience response in the agricultural component.

"I would like to highlight the component of the ADB project that has been felt in the Nyamatanda district, where 155 drip irrigation kits have already been made available, an early warning weather system installed, ten veterinary kits to support veterinary producers, and a multifunctional water supply system built," he said.

The ADB has already approved a package of six million meticais to increase agricultural production in the province.

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