ADB supports chicken production in Zambezia and Niassa

BAD apoia produção de frangos na Zambézia e Niassa

The African Development Bank (ADB) announced support of 60 million meticais for the acquisition of chicken production kits, for new breeders in Zambezia and Niassa provinces.

"In all, there are 290 new beneficiaries, with an emphasis on young people and women. The selection criteria for the beneficiaries were made following all possible transparency, for this purpose a joint work involving the Institute of Small and Micro Enterprises, which is the unit at the level of the Ministry of Industry and Trade that works and coordinates the project," said the deputy minister of Industry and Trade, Ludovina Bernardo.

The country needs to be self-sufficient in chicken production, which is to reduce imports and improve the trade balance. With the project, it is expected that at the level of the two provinces, the trend of chicken production will improve.

Nearly three million dollars, also, will be applied by ADB in partnership with the Government for the construction of feed production plants in Zambezia and Niassa.

The Zambezia plant will have capacity for five tons per hour and the Niassa plant for 1.5 tons.

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