AfDB warns that Africa's agricultural trade deficit worsens in 2022

BAD alerta que o défice comercial agrícola de África piorou em 2022

The African Development Bank (AfDB) revealed today in a report that Africa's agricultural trade deficit has worsened by 2022 to exceed 36 billion euros, the level of 2015.

The report also points out that the number of people suffering from hunger or malnutrition rose to 256 million last year.

The document presented today, highlighted Africa's inability to produce enough to feed itself, stressing that in 2021, the continent's agricultural trade deficit had been $36.3 billion, but worsened last year to $38.7 billion, returning to the 2015 level.

?Africa has difficulties in developing its agricultural production to keep up with its growing population, making the continent a net importer of food and exposing it to food insecurity, a situation made worse in 2022 by Russia's war against Ukraine.

The report was presented during the annual meetings of the AfDB Group, the most important event of the institution that brings together 54 African and 27 non-African member states, which runs until Friday in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

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